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The Boys Banned in China

The Boys arrived in Shanghai on January 13 2015 to embark on a nine-date national tour to promote their new album "Punk Rock Menopause" only to discover that the tour had been cancelled by the Chinese Ministry of Cunture.


The official reason given was crowd control and security issues in the wake of the Shanghai stamped at a riverside New Year celebration attended by around 300,000 in which 36 people were killed and 49 injured. The Ministry of Culture had sent letters (right) to all the venues on the tour telling them that if The Boys played there their premises would be shut down with immediate effect.


Undeterred, the band set off on a cultural/culinary tour of China and along the way managed to play three secret underground gigs promoted entirely by word of mouth and carefully avoiding official Chinese chat rooms and social networks such as Weibo. In addition, the band gave multiple interviews, performed on a top TV channel in Beijing and recorded a live album, which will be released later this year.