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By The Boys website, Jul 29 2017 09:18AM

40 years ago today The Boys released their second single, Honest John Plain's "FIRST TIME".

Honest John Plain: "FIRST TIME will always have a special meaning for me as through it I managed to break the Steel/Dangerfield stranglehold on The Boys. Matt Dangerfield & Casino Steel formed The Boys in late 1975. They were the driving force behind the band and we were dominated by the Steel/Dangerfield songwriting partnership, the Lennon & McCartney of punk. At that time it was extremely difficult for me, or anyone else for that matter, to get a look in with the songwriting duties. That is until I came up with FIRST TIME. From that moment I was taken seriously as a songwriter in the band alongside Matt & Cas."

By The Boys website, Jun 30 2016 03:19PM

The Boys’ long deleted “Odds & Sods” album is to receive a limited edition 500 copy vinyl re-release on Friday 1 July on PHR Records. The re-release will include the original front cover artwork as well as a special inlay featuring new track listing notes from The Boys' singer/guitarist Matt Dangerfield.

Originally released in 1990 thanks to Die Toten Hosen frontman/singer Campino, the album featured previously unreleased Boys recordings from 1977-1981 including “Walk My Dog”, “Jimmy Brown”, “Dressed To Kill” and “Little Runaround” as well as three Capital Radio Ads recorded by Dangerfield, Honest John Plain & Jack Black to promote their second album, “Alternative Chartbusters”.

The album's opening track, “Walk My Dog”, is one of five Boys’ songs to be included in the soundtrack of forthcoming movie “Sad Vacation”, which tells the story of Sid Vicious & Nancy Spungen's fateful trip to New York in 1978.

Track Listing:

Walk My Dog (Dangerfield)

I Love Me (Steel/Dangerfield)

Mummy (Plain)

Garden Gang (Dangerfield/Plain/Black)

SAP (Plain)

We're All Crazy (Dangerfield)

Pick Me Up (Plain/Steel)

Jimmy Brown (Steel)

You Can Give It (Walker)

Flash (Dangerfield)

Dressed To Kill (Dangerfield)

Oyoyo (Dangerfield)

Flies (Plain)

Little Runaround (Dangerfield)

Capital Radio Ads (Dangerfield/Plain/Black)