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By The Boys website, Jun 30 2016 03:19PM

The Boys’ long deleted “Odds & Sods” album is to receive a limited edition 500 copy vinyl re-release on Friday 1 July on PHR Records. The re-release will include the original front cover artwork as well as a special inlay featuring new track listing notes from The Boys' singer/guitarist Matt Dangerfield.

Originally released in 1990 thanks to Die Toten Hosen frontman/singer Campino, the album featured previously unreleased Boys recordings from 1977-1981 including “Walk My Dog”, “Jimmy Brown”, “Dressed To Kill” and “Little Runaround” as well as three Capital Radio Ads recorded by Dangerfield, Honest John Plain & Jack Black to promote their second album, “Alternative Chartbusters”.

The album's opening track, “Walk My Dog”, is one of five Boys’ songs to be included in the soundtrack of forthcoming movie “Sad Vacation”, which tells the story of Sid Vicious & Nancy Spungen's fateful trip to New York in 1978.

Track Listing:

Walk My Dog (Dangerfield)

I Love Me (Steel/Dangerfield)

Mummy (Plain)

Garden Gang (Dangerfield/Plain/Black)

SAP (Plain)

We're All Crazy (Dangerfield)

Pick Me Up (Plain/Steel)

Jimmy Brown (Steel)

You Can Give It (Walker)

Flash (Dangerfield)

Dressed To Kill (Dangerfield)

Oyoyo (Dangerfield)

Flies (Plain)

Little Runaround (Dangerfield)

Capital Radio Ads (Dangerfield/Plain/Black)

By The Boys website, Jun 29 2015 08:41AM

THE BOYS have released a live album recorded at a secret gig in January 2015 after they had been banned from playing live by the Chinese authorities. "Undercover - Live In China" is released by Action Records (AR006CD) on July 1 and features thirteen of their best known songs:

TCP (Plain)


1976 (Steel/Dangerfield/Plain)

WEEKEND (Dangerfield)

I'M A BELIEVER (Steel/Dangerfield/Plain)

YOU CAN'T HURT A MEMORY (Steel/Dangerfield)

PUNK ROCK GIRL (Steel/Dangerfield/Plain)

GLOBAL WARMING (Steel/Dangerfield/Plain)

I DON'T CARE (Steel/Dangerfield)

BRICKFIELD NIGHTS (Steel/Dangerfield)


LIVING IN THE CITY (Steel/Dangerfield)

SICK ON YOU (Matheson/Steel)

It will be available to Download/Stream from 15 September and will be given a Special Edition vinyl release on 13 November.

The Boys arrived in Shanghai on January 13 to embark on a nine-date national tour to promote their new album “Punk Rock Menopause”. However, they soon discovered that the tour had been cancelled by the Chinese Ministry of Culture.

The official reason given was 'crowd control and security' issues' in wake of the Shanghai stampede at a riverside New Year celebration a few weeks earlier in which 36 people were killed and 49 injured. The Ministry of Culture had informed all the venues on the tour that if The Boys performed they would be shut down with immediate effect. The Ministry also stipulated that no other venues were allowed to host the band.

Regardless of a tip-off that they were being followed, they decided to make the best of their time in China. With the help of their friends in China the band played three secret underground gigs promoted entirely by word of mouth and carefully avoiding government monitored Chinese chat rooms.

All three gigs were literally 'underground' - in former bomb shelters and basements. One of the gigs was a rehearsal complex with a recording studio attached and this live performance was recorded there. In addition, the band gave multiple interviews, became the subject of a one-hour documentary on national TV channel LETV in Beijing and recorded two videos.